Friday, July 29, 2011

Mesquite Marathon Update

A few months ago, I posted about some drama surrounding the Mesquite Marathon.  Basically, the race organizer in past years, Mammoth Marathons, was planning to put on the race again.  Meanwhile, the main race sponsor, the Casa Blanca Resort & Casino, found a new group, Planet Ultra, to manage the race.  Each group had their own website for the race with their own registration page.

This scared me away from signing up, even though everything else about the November race looked great.  Well, a bit after I wrote about it, Planet Ultra posted this update on their Mesquite Marathon facebook page:

Shortly after that, Mammoth updated their race website (yes, both groups still have their own race website) to point to Planet Ultra's registration page. It seems that the drama is over, everyone is getting along relatively well and the groups are combining forces to put on the race.

Now that the management is all sorted out, I am pumped for this race!  Because it starts in Utah and ends in Nevada, I can use it as Utah for my 50 states quest.  The course is mostly downhill and the weather should be dry and cool, so it should be a fun run.  And, most important of all, the nearest airport is Las Vegas, so I will be able to gamble away my prize money, or much more likely my lack of prize money, after the race.  Good times!

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