Saturday, July 23, 2011

Missoula Marathon Pictures

The Missoula Marathon offered a great special where participants could download all of their race pictures for $25. Normally, this costs at least $70 at races, so I was happy to sign up for the deal. I was even happier that I had signed up for the pictures when I ended up running my marathon PR by almost two minutes; it is a day I will want to remember. My full race report is available here, and here are a bunch of my pictures from the race:

How cool is this?!?
I'm not in this one, but it was one of my favorite points on the course.
(Photo source:  Tom Robertson Photography)

Early in the race, feeling good.

Getting tired.

Tunnels make me happy.

I like this one because my right leg looks scary muscular.

About a mile to go, really hurting.

Final sprint!

Still sprinting...

Get to the finish already.

Check out that heel striking and pronation,
you can't teach that kind of terrible form!

New PR!

Fist pump like it's Jersey Shore!

Participants got a free print-out of this post-race picture.
But, I just now realized the race date is wrong,
it should be July 10th.  Oops!

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