Sunday, July 10, 2011

Missoula Marathon PR!


That was my time in the Missoula Marathon today. It's not quite the 3:20 that I wanted to run, but it IS my best time ever by nearly two minutes. Not bad on two weeks rest and a long travel day yesterday!

The race started out great, but I wasn't quite sure of my overall pace because the mile markers seemed way off compared to my Garmin. I definitely lost some time on a bathroom break around mile 6 and the big hill at mile 14, but I knew I was still in the 3:20 neighborhood, even though I had lost sight of the pacer. At mile 23, I knew I was holding a little slower pace than I wanted over the last few miles, so I used my pace band to figure out I was about 1:30 behind the 3:20 pace. I decided I didn't care about 3:20 any more and just wanted to get in under my previous PR (3:22:53). I pushed it for the last 3.2 miles, and actually brought down my time to finish just a minute over 3:20.

Overall, this is a great race, and I am extremely happy with my time! The course is very scenic and mostly flat. The weather was nearly perfect, about 45 degrees at the start and 65 at the finish, not a cloud in the sky. Pictures and a full race report will come soon, I just wanted to post something today.