Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Austin Distance Challenge - I'm in!

I'm officially registered for the Austin Distance Challenge, which is a series of 5 races through the fall and winter in Austin:

I haven't run a race shorter than a half marathon for a few years, so the 10K and 10 Miler should be interesting. I'm also going to make the series a little more difficult by opting for the Double Decker and Austin full marathons instead of the halves. That means I have booked lifetime marathons 28 and 29, and only need one more by April to get 30 before I turn 30. I posted a list of choices a while ago here, and at the moment I'm leaning toward Rock 'n' Roll USA for number 30. D.C. would be a fun trip and a fun way to hopefully celebrate reaching my goal.

Now, what are the chances that I'll find a few extra marathons to pace or register for before April actually gets here?

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