Monday, October 10, 2011


By finishing yesterday's rainy Prairie Fire Marathon, I officially reached my goal of running 16 marathons in 16 states in 12 months!!! That's 419.2 miles of marathons in 364 days!

The Marathon Maniacs criteria provided the motivation for running 16 states in a year to earn 6 stars or "Osmium Level" status, and here's the big reward that makes it all worthwhile:

Check out #3405 here.

I can hear your reaction now, "That's it?" Yes, that's it :)  It's been a long/tiring/interesting/painful/fun year of running, seeing new places and meeting new people. Thanks to everyone who helped out along the way, especially the Rogue and TUFI training groups, everyone who provided food, cars, and places to sleep, and most of all to girlfriend Jenn for supporting me, putting up with me, and often joining me at these races throughout the year.

Wichita race report coming soon. Des Moines Marathon pacing this weekend. Woohoo, busy week!