Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Mississippi Blues Marathon - Race Preview

Race Details
  • Full Name - Mississippi Blues Marathon and Half Marathon, presented by BlueCross BlueShield of Mississippi
  • Location - Jackson, Mississippi
  • Website - http://
  • Distance - 26.2 miles
  • Surface - Road
  • Date - Saturday, January 7, 2012
  • Start Time - 7:00 am
  • Start Type - Mass
  • Other Races Offered - Half Marathon, 5-Person Marathon Relay, Kids' Marathon
  • Total Participants (all races) - 2,500 (estimate)
  • Marathon Participants - 900 (estimate)
  • Energy Drink - Gatorade Endurance Formula
  • Pace Teams - 3:05 - 5:00 (I am the 4:00 pacer!)
  • Course Map - Available Here
  • Course Elevation
Lotsa Hills
  • Aid Stations - About every 1.6 miles and every mile between miles 20 and 25. Miles 8, 15 and 20 will offer Gu.
  • Weather Forecast
Race day forecast as of 1/2/2012.
Click here for the latest Weather Underground forecast

2011 Race Reports/Reviews

Stuff I Learned From Race Reports [and what I'm doing about it]
  • Rolling hills throughout - not huge but constant. [It can't be as bad as the hills in my last race, Double Decker. As a pacer I will try to hold my pace despite the hills. If I wasn't pacing, I would take the uphills easy and make up time on the downhills, so that's what I'll encourage people in my pace group to do.]
  • First 3 miles crowded, until the half and full marathon courses split. [Try not to fall behind my pace because of the crowd, but also don't weave too much.]
  • Road conditions aren't the best, with potholes and a large camber (drainage angle) on much of the course. [Watch my step, and try to stick to the center of the road to avoid the camber.]
  • Well organized, nice schwag, good food at the finish. [Enjoy my first marathon of 2012!]

Goal and Strategy
Even splits - 9:08 every mile

I'm excited for another chance to pace 4:00!! It's my favorite pace time, because it's such a big milestone for so many people and 9:08 is my usual long run pace. I'll stick with my usual plan of running 9:08 every mile to finish at 3:59:18. Meanwhile, I'll have trivia questions each mile to entertain people running with the pace group.

Look For Me
I'm the tall bearded guy carrying the 4:00 sign. Say hello if you see me!

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